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My name is Nikki. I am one of the best Las Vegas escorts you are ever going to meet. There are so many different reasons why I am one of the best escorts in Las Vegas. I would say that I am extremely well-rounded. I also am well-traveled. I take my job seriously and I hope that you would appreciate that just as much as I do. I also am that sweet girl next-door that can be sweet, a tease, and a wild spirit. You will know right away when you meet me that you are in great hands. We are going to have a great time together. Do you have any ideas about what you would like to do in Las Vegas? Or have you been to Las Vegas? Do you know exactly what you would like to do? All you need to do is just need to give me directions. This will be totally okay because I am open to almost anything.

When we start to plan our date it is always a good idea that you are open with me about what you are seeking as far as dress attire and even my hairstyle. I like to make all of my dates very special. I also like to make sure that you are very pleased with what you see when you meet me. I also in terrific at attending any type of work function that you might have as well. Is there is a special event that you need to go to? Are you seeking a date? Let's go together and have some fun. I have plenty of experience going to conventions and all types of work parties. You can consider me to be a special friend or just someone that you know from college. I am great with blending in and no one would ever suspect that I am an escort. I also am very discreet. That is always a huge bonus. I am very well mannered. I also am very well spoken, so I will always make sure that I am very presentable. I also drink very lightly, so there is never going to be an issue about me drinking too much. If you prefer that I don't drink please just let me know.

We also can do many other things, including going to a strip club or some of the really nice nightclubs in Las Vegas. Millions of people travel to Las Vegas each year. Many just so they are able to experience a nightlife and all of the partying atmosphere. It is really exciting. Plus the night life is always action-packed. It can be hard to walk away once you are at the club. If you are thinking about an experience like this, then I can always put on a cute outfit and we can hit the town. It is really up to you or if you want to do. Perhaps just club hop, then hit if you strip clubs, we can always do that. Experiencing Las Vegas is the chance of a lifetime! Having the best tour guide with you can make it even better. You will see that I have plenty of experience in Las Vegas. I really do love this city. Another great thing about Las Vegas is all of the different places to go for cuisine. If you have a specific food preference that you really like or if you have great reviews about a particular restaurant or bar? There might have been a few different restaurants featured in a magazine or on TV, that you think would be really need to check out. Let’s definitely go check it out! Las Vegas is extremely popular for having some of the best food in the world. I am pretty sure that I will be able to find a restaurant that you are talking about.

If all of the nightlife and all of the attractions in Las Vegas simply are not appealing to you, then that is always okay with me too. We do not have to be active and go out. For some people Las Vegas can be all about work. My goal is to make you happy. If you are just thinking about a nice relaxing evening with some candles and maybe even light music, then that is something that I can put together just for you. I have wonderful hands and I can give a great massage. I also am able to show you a sexy striptease that would make your jaw drop. Trust me, you would absolutely love to see me do my erotic dancing! I have all of the right moves and my body is also a perfect 10.

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